Key chains don’t have to be a comedy animal or an old worn holiday keepsake. You can create a key ring that is both functional and beautiful by adding high quality adornments such as glass beads and silver charms. The best thing is, they are really easy to make. You can add a touch of class to your jean pocket or key bowl. Just follow these simple instructions and before you know it you will be making them for friends and family too.

What you will needBead Key Ring

A key ring

A jump ring

An eye pin

Beading thread



Step 1: Select your beads

We recommend that you use quality beads for an adult key ring, glass beads tend to work best. Plastic beads are fine for kids but if you want a glamorous addition to your keys, you should stick to glass. It is a good idea to use a mix of colours and styles, you want to make something unique right?

Step 2: Lay out your pattern

Find a flat surface and lay your beads out on to a piece of fabric so that they don’t roll away. Try playing around with patterns, alternating colours, going from largest to smallest or pick beads at random and see where it takes you.

Step 3: Threading

You’ve decided on your pattern so now is the time to thread your beads on. Start by tying a 10 inch piece of wire on to the jump ring. Pull the knot tight with your pliers. You can now thread your beads on, tie another knot at the end, big enough that the beads won’t slip off, and secure.

Step 4 (Optional): Try adding some more bead strands to your jump ring. Be sure to stick to a theme with colours. A key ring with a few strands is far more fun than just one.

Step 5: Jazz up your old key ring by attaching your new beaded one. If you’re having trouble attaching, use the pliers to open the jump ring, attach and then clasp again to make sure it doesn’t fall off…and you’re finished!

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