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Entries for February, 2016

seasonal red jewellery

What colours will you be wearing next month? Red always seems to be a firm favourite and with that in mind I decided I needed to increase my stock of red jewellery for the Christmas fairs coming up in the next few weeks – (my next one being tomorrow evening) So these four sets will […]

Tea Break : Hot Chocolate

We can’t deny it any longer – autumn is with us at Jewelry From Home. After a few grumbles about the rain we decided to look on the bright side – rainy days mean warm cosy drinks and perhaps a slice of two of cake! Normally our tea breaks feature baked goods but today we’re […]

DIY : Beaded Wire Cocktail Ring

One of our most popular Jewelry From Home tutorials has been these colorful wire rings we made in the spring. After having a look back through our tutorials last week we decided that we needed a new ring for autumn. These bead and wire cocktail rings are just the ticket for a bit of autumn […]