Whats on your beadmat? Pearl Crystal Bridal Choker with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

Pearl Bridal Choker Hand-crafted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals and Pearls

My beadmat… Bridal Pearl Choker with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals and Pearls

This was the scene on my beadmat last night at 11 pm. I really wanted to finish the beadwork pearl choker but I was just too tired. Do you know the feeling?

Its such a lovely piece to make. I used Fireline thread, Size 11° Miyuki Japanese seed beads in Ivory Ceylon, Size 8° Miyuki Japanese Seed beads in Ivory Ceylon, 4mm SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Cream Pearls, 6mm SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Cream Pearls, 8mm SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Cream Pearls.

I have also made it in opaque black seed beads and dark grey SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS pearls too which is gothic style and looks very dramatic.

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Article source: http://www.jewelleryrocks.co.uk/shineylounge/2013/01/21/whats-on-your-beadmat-pearl-crystal-bridal-choker-with-swarovski-elements/