How to successfully join or add in new thread into your beadwork

KO Beading Thread

KO Beading Thread

Tip for beadworkers!

When you join a thread in your beadwork, it is be important to ensure that the new thread begins in exactly the same place as the old thread for consistency in your pattern.

1. Leave the old thread in place

2. Cut a new length and work it into the beadwork, with a couple of half-hitch knots to secure in place and exit where the old thread is. Trim the tail of new thread.

3. Work the tail of the old thread into the beadwork, with 3 half hitch-knots and finally sew away from the last half hitch-knot and trim the thread.

How to make a half-hitch  knot: Form a loop between two beads, by sewing under a thread. Sew through the loop twice in the same direction and then pull the thread. This action will slide the knot tight to your work.

ALWAYS sew away from the last knot before trimming the thread.

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Happy beading.

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