Use All Your Odd Beads for a Charm Bracelet!

January 6, 2013 at 4:38 pm | Beads, Charms, Charms Bracelets

Time to have a new year tidy up of your bead boxes and use up all your odds and ends, stray beads and findings. One way to get rid of a big variety of beads in one hit is to make a  charm bracelet with a medley of different types of beads combined to make dangling charms. This works particularly well if you adopt a style such as vintage for which antique gold style findings work well combined with decorative beads such as cloissonne, dark coloured glass beads and millifiore pieces.  Try blending all your  citrus colour beads no matter what shape they are to create a harmonious and bright piece, using a chunky shiny chain for a great statement piece.

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