How small is that Bead – Size Matters

December 11, 2012 at 2:21 pm | Beads, bluestreak beads, General Admin

Here at Bluestreak Beads we sell over 4000 different beads and findings to our lovely customers. Most of the people who buy our crystal sparkly things are experienced jewellery makers and know exactly what they are looking for.  But everyone has to start somewhere and understanding size is one of the areas with which aspiring beaders have the most problems. It is not unusual to have items returned to us because they are smaller than the purchaser realised.  Added to that many of our more senior “silver surfer”  buyers do not work in millimetres and are unable to imagine for example the size of a little bead described as “round sterling silver spacer bead 2mm“.

The problems for us are that we can’t list the imperial measurement for everything and most beads are shown larger than life size on a website, the medium through which we sell.  So for bead newbies we suggest that you get hold of a collection of odd beads, measure them and glue or wire them on to a piece of card with the sizes written underneath until you have grasped the subtle differences between the sizes. Or just draw some circles of different sizes on a piece of paper and keep it handy when popping new beads in your online shopping basket.

In the old days when we sold our beads through a catalogue they were always depicted life size, but that just doesn’t work on a computer screen, and so we created a new and common complaint “The beads I have bought are not the right size”.

Of course we will always take back any product that you bought from us and try to find  exactly the bead you need for the job in hand.

You can buy a bead gauge to help with measuring or simply use a ruler.

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