Polymer Clay Fruit and Flower Beads for Jewellery making

October 11, 2012 at 3:56 pm | Beads, Polymer clay beads

They are bright and cute, these little handmade flower beads which are used by jewellery makers to fashion brooches and bracelets, or colourful tiaras and decorations for wedding settings!

These examples are only about 10mm in diameter and are just perfect for incorporating into lots of craft projects. We supply these beads in a mixture of colours, some with leaves poking out from under the petals and some without. The hole in this bead runs through the base of the flower so they can be threaded onto a length of stretch magic elastic jewellery thread to make a quick stretchy bracelet. This could be a fun activity at a  girls’ birthday party.

Or take a piece of thin silver plated wire, use the 22 guage for its easy to twist qualities. Pop the wire through the flower bead until it sits halfway along then pull the wire’s ends together underneath and twist them tightly together to gve the flower a shiny twizzly stalk. Add a glass leaf halfway down the stalk if you fancy.

Little Flower Beads

Polymer Flower Beads for Jewellery making

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