Swarovski Charms and Settings with Crystal Stones

June 27, 2012 at 8:41 am | Charms, Charms Bracelets, Swarovski Crystal Beads

Every home jewellery maker loves a Swarovski Bead, a tiny one to use as a sparkly spacer bead, one of the designer shapes for a pendant or earring, maybe a traditional facetted round (Swarovski style number 5000) for a classic necklace design. But Swarovski do not only make beads for jewellery makers. They make stones and the settings to put them in and they make charms, plated in sterling silver with the stones already set into them, for those of us who want it already done for us. Who wouldn’t, sticking fiddly little stones into tiny little cup settings is a time consuming job.

Picture of Swarovski Charms

Swarovski Charms

Little charms in the form of hearts, rings and simple flowers settings are available, there is a good colour choice of the stones. We like to use them for more delicate charm bracelets and simple earrings.

Check out the sizes of the charms before you order, things always look bigger on the screen!

The 10mm flower pendant has a solid back and is silver plated, the one in the photo is peridot (light green), we also stock fuchsia, aquamarine and crystal. Use them on a charm bracelet for a bit of extra sparkle.

They look really good mixed with an array of bright beads on a chunky chain as a charm bracelet. Swarovski use different sized stones in the multiple stone settings appropriate to their size. Plating is high quality as you would expect!

Find our range of  Swarovski Charms set with stones for jewellery making.  here and give them a go next time you want something a little different for your beady hobby!





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