New Website for Bluestreak Beads

April 22, 2012 at 8:40 am | bluestreak beads, General Admin

Thanks to everyone who is trying out our shiny new website! It has a few new features for you, carries all of our 4,000 beady items and is just a week old. We haven’t launched it with a massive fanfare as glitches are inevitable and we want them ironed out before we shout about it too loudly. You can now create an account, this will enable you to look back at all your bead orders from now on.

In your account you can make a wishlist where you can save beads and findings that you might like to buy to in the future. Remember to subscribe to teh Newsletter to get all the news of fresh beads on the site, offers and competitions.

I will be adding lots of new beads over the next couple of weeks, there is a bit of a beady log jam as a result of the new site coming on stream.


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