Pearl Bead Jewellery making

October 20th, 2011

Jewellery fashions  come and go with seasonal speed, but buying pricey ready-made jewellery from shops, stores and markets can cost you  a small fortune. By making your own jewellery you could save your cash, always be bang on trend and have plenty of bead presents for friends and family!

If you’re looking to cut down on costs even further make your own beaded jewellery which is guaranteed to remain fashionable forever or at least let’s say timeless, you just can’t go wrong with glass or freshwater pearl beaded jewellery.

Pearl beads are the epitome of classic style, and the surefire thing about creating jewellery using these beads is  that they look stunning with nearly  every outfit.

Cream, white and silver glass pearl beads come in a variety of sizes- so you could opt for small beads to make delicately pretty pieces, or larger beads to make a bolder style statement. Swarovski crystal pearls cost slightly more but the quality is faultless. We sell them in a large range of sizes and colours.

So stock up on a few pearls, either glass or freshwater, some beads to put with them, a few basic tools and stringing  materials, and you will be well on the way to conjuring up some stylish pieces of handmade jewellery . You will of course need some findings and clasps to finish your pieces with.

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