New SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS stretch bead bracelet jewellery kits for beginners

swarovski elements purple stretchy bracelet bead jewellery kits from shiney rocks

Lilac tones SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS stretchy bracelet beginners bead kit

Stacking stretchy bracelets is very fashionable right now with many high street stores selling bundles of bracelets in colours to go with every outfit. We decided to make our own luxury version with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and pearls and a little touch of extravagance by adding a SWAROVSKI pendant too! These definately beat anything you can buy on the High Street. Choose from our range of colours or design your own.

We’ve given you a sneak preview of the instructions below. Grab one of our kits and make yours today – visit and pick a colour tone to suit you.

·    42 x 4mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Xilion Beads
·    24 x 8mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Pearls
·    42 x 4mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Pearls
·    1 x Large Pinch Bail
·    1 x 18mm Crystal AB Flower Pendant
·    10 x 5mm Silver Plated Spacer Beads
·    1 meter of 0.5mm Stretch Magic Elastic
·    1 x Bottle of Jewellery Glue

Step 1
Cut the elastic into 3 equal pieces.

Step 2
String up to 42, (depending on your wrist size) crystal beads onto the elastic, followed by 5 x 5mm silver plated spacer beads.

Step 3
Tie a double knot in the elastic to form the bracelet. Pull the elastic tightly to secure the knot.

Step 4
Extend the elastic keeping the beads away from the knot and place a tiny dab on glue onto the knot and let it dry before letting beads sit next to it.

Step 5
When the glue is dried, trim the excess elastic close to the knot and then carefully pull the knot inside the 5mm silver plated spacer bead to hide.

Step 6
Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for the 4mm pearls.

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