Using folding cord ends (folding crimps) – Jewellery Making Tips

Silver Plated Folding Cord Ends

Folding Cord ends for jewellery making

Adding folding cord ends also known as folding crimps to ribbons and leathers can be challenging, especially if you are using 2 cords at once. We have discovered a few techniques that might help you to achieve a neat and secure finish without the need for another pair of hands!

Firstly, make sure you even the ends of the cord or ribbons with a pair of sharp scissors.

Lay the cords in the folding crimp with nothing protruding out of the loop end.

Grip the very end of the folding crimp between your finger and thumb, holding the cords in place and have the flat nose pliers in your other hand.

Carefully tilt one side of the folding crimp towards the middle and do the same with the other side, ensuring they don’t meet. This will stop the cords from popping out as you crush the sides flat.

Now flatten one side, then flatten the other side on top. Sometimes you might need to squash the folding crimp at the sides to push the flaps on top of each other. Finally place the cord end into the pliers and give the whole thing a good squash, taking care not to take the plating off the finding.

Hope this helps!



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