New Polymer Clay Fruit Bead Charms at Shiney Rocks

Polymer Clay Fruit Bead charms

Polymer Clay Fruit bead Charms

Go bananas for these hand-crafted fruit beads made by Gillian Wilson specially for Shiney Company.

We’ve got red apple bead charms, green apple bead charms, strawberries, a water melon slice bead charm, oranges, lemons, pears and my favourite the banana.

I like to keep an eye on what the designers are up to and Prada has gone bananas over bananas! Just check our their website and you’ll see what I mean. A pair of Prada banana earrings will set you back around £100. Alternatively you could make your very own banana charm earrings for less than £2.00. Yes really! These banana bead charms are only 70p each and you can buy 10 pairs of silver plated fish hook ear wire for £1.00 at Shiney Rocks. Go sterling for a just a little bit more! Buy 5 pairs of sterling silver fish hook ear wires for just £4.95.

Try creating a fun, fruity charm bracelet with a variety of these fruit bead charms, some silver plated jump rings and a length of charm chain. Connect it all together and finish with a toggle clasp. Freedom at Topshop have done just this with their high fashion fruity charm bracelet featured in a recent issue of Grazia Magazine. You can make your own bracelet with these fabulous hand-crafted beads in a style and size to suit you. Enjoy!

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