6 steps to an expert wrapped loop – jewellery making advice

Wrapped loop bead

Wrapped loop bead

6 steps to an expert wrapped loop

Step 1

Thread the bead onto a soft metal head pin. Grip the head pin 2mm above the bead with the tip of your round nose pliers and make a right angle by turning the pliers.

Step 2

Slide your round nose pliers into the angle about 4mm past the tip of the pliers and grip. Bend the wire over the top jaw of the pliers with your fingers, so the wire is pointing downwards.

Step 3

Change the grip of the pliers  so that the loop is positioned on the lower jaw and pull the wire towards the back of the loop, so that the wire is at 90 degrees to the loop. Ensure that the loop sits directly over the bead and is central. Adjust if necessary.

Step 4

Wrap the remaining wire neatly under the loop 2/3 times without overlapping the wraps and keeping the remaining head pin at 90 degrees as you wrap. This will keep your wrapping neat.

Step 5
Snip the end with the flush cutters, close to the bead.

Step 6
Squash the end, in the same direction as the wraps with the very tip of the snipe nose pliers.

Article source: http://www.jewelleryrocks.co.uk/shineylounge/2011/01/03/6-steps-to-an-expert-wrapped-loop-jewellery-making-advice/